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A sensible approach to building your website

There are a lot of ways to go about developing your website. You can find a team of developers halfway around the world, or your can take the "DIY" approach and attempt to set everything up yourself. Here's the approach that we take with each of our clients. 

First Meeting & Checklist

Meet with Capital Websites to talk about what you want from your new website. We'll help answer any questions and gather a checklist for what to include in our project proposal. 

Proposal and Mock-site

We get back to you with a detailed proposal that lays out several milestones to the completion of your site. We also offer a mock-website design with dummy content to give you an idea of our work. 

Website Design

We get to work on your site. You can watch the development happen in real-time w and make suggestions and corrections as we go. 

Fine Tuning and Optimization

Once we have a working prototype, we carefully review the site to tighten the design, and optimize the site for mobile browsing and advanced functionality. 

Support and Training

We teach you how you can make updates and changes to your site with a combination of recorded tutorials and in-person training sessions. 

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